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Tiny Print: Tiny Fancy Butterfly 1/50

Carolina The Doodler
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Title: Tiny Fancy Butterfly

Limited Edition Collectible Tiny Print by Carolina The Doodler

  • High Quality Print on 100Lb Gloss Heavy Card Stock
  • Limited Edition of 50 Prints
  • Size: 4" x 4"
  • Signed and numbered on the back
  • Frame NOT included
  • Style: Cartoony/Whimsical
  • Subject: Fancy series, Butterfly, Animals

My Tiny Fancy Butterfly was inspired by the beautiful butterflies that flutter into my life and bring me joy during times when I need it most. This tiny painting shows my pink butterfly with beautiful details and crisp line work.

4" x 4" Print. Printed on High quality, archival ,100Lb Gloss Cover. Limited edition print is 1 of only 50 available.

I package my artwork securely and include tracking for the journey to it’s new home.

Shipping within the U.S.A. only via USPS

Please read all details carefully before purchasing 🤓

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You'll get ONE Limited Edition Collectible Print signed and numbered for authenticity

Tiny Fancy Buttterfly
High Quality Print on 100 Lb Gloss Heavy Card Stock
4" x 4"
Frame NOT included
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Tiny Print: Tiny Fancy Butterfly 1/50

0 ratings